Blue Flower

General info

As freelance illustrator and (fast) portrait artist, Ellen van Boggelen-Heutink is very versatile. She performs as a fast portrait artist all over The Netherlands and draws striking portraits of your guests in just a few minutes during receptions, weddings, parties and shows, etc. The speed with which she absorbs details and translates them into line and colour is also apparent in her work as an illustrator.

Not only does she conceptualise her own cartoon characters very quickly but she also takes over existing cartoon characters like those of Sesame Street, Paddington, Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo and many others, and uses them in colouring and/or story books, games, toys, clothing, etc. for licensed clients.

As demonstrated by the examples of her work displayed in the gallery, Ellen uses a variety of techniques such as: pencil, coloured pencil, pastels, PMS markers, fine liners, water colours and oils, or a combination. She adapts her style and technique  to her client's wishes. Everything is possible, from a quick visual to a detailed office building.

Ellen also makes studioportraits from photos or live. One can choose from various techniques: pencil, pencil and white chalk on gray paper, coloured pencils and white chalk on gray paper, oils and water colour.